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The First Tee National School Program provides elementary schools with a complete golf program appropriate for today's physical education students and teachers. Each participating school receives three tangible products and services:

  1. Equipment: developmentally appropriate golf equipment
  2. Curriculum: created using the framework of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) national physical education standards
  3. Teacher Training: training for participating physical education teachers.

The First Tee National School Program utilizes developmentally appropriate equipment: SNAG. This equipment which is durable and safe consists of colorful oversized clubs, tennis-style balls and a variety of targets. The introductory clubs are replicas of two basic traditional golf clubs, a putter and wedge. The heads are purposefully large and provide a hitting surface proportionately larger than the ball for easy learning and high success. It is available for both right-handed and left-handed students. Schools receive enough equipment to deliver programming to up to 48 students per class.

The First Tee National School Program curriculum centers on four primary areas: 1) lifelong activity, 2) character education - personal and social responsibility, 3) motor skill and concept learning, and 4) developmental approach to learning.

Participating students actively engage in a variety of motor skills associated with striking a stationary ball with a long-handled instrument to a target. A progressive approach to introducing key skills is used to align with students' developmental process. Basic skills are presented to students on how to hold, set up, and safely swing a putter and a wedge. Cue word sequences are taught to enable students to better understand the body positions for performing the critical elements of each skill. Striking is taught through the basic golf skills of putt, chip, pitch and full swing in gradual progression as teachers move students through 24 lessons throughout the elementary years.

Students participating in the National School Program will learn the basic motor skill concepts of personal space, levels, force, flow, phases of movement, and routines. Students also learn about The First Tee Nine Core Values as the curriculum is structured to introduce a skill, concept and core value.

Teacher Training
The First Tee offers two forms of training for schools to get started with the program. The interactive online training includes video of actual teacher lessons, excerpts from the curriculum manual, review questions and testing. Teachers are provided with the same information presented during in-person trainings.

In-person trainings are conducted by certified trainers and are available for school districts with signed contracts for 10 or more schools. These professional development training sessions are four hours and include activity demonstrations, hands-on participation, lesson plan review and practice.

To bring this program to schools / school districts, there is a one-time cost. The investment is approximately $3,000 per school and includes the items detailed above. Once implemented, the program is self-sustaining and no further funding is needed.

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