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Golf is experiencing a level of growth in many locations worldwide similar to what happened in the U.S. in the 60s, and again in the 90s. Japan's passion for golf is well known but is now evident in China, South Korea and in unlikely Asian locations like Viet Nam. Previously lukewarm golf countries in Europe like France and Germany are experiencing a golf boom, which is extending to eastern European countries like Croatia and Russia. And golf is still a favorite activity in developed markets like Canada, Australia and South Africa.

With the recent inclusion of golf in the 2016 Olympics, the international growth of the game will increase exponentially. There are 118 member countries in the International Golf Federation, many of which will now receive government funding to support grass roots development efforts; a golf explosion is imminent in many parts of the world.

The World Golf Foundation is dedicated to supporting the growth of the game worldwide, and that includes being a source of information on the state of the game in each of those 118 countries. This is a formidable research project which has begun and will never totally be completed, and we welcome any and all outside contributions to this effort. We are looking for the following information:

  • Number of golfers
  • Number of women golfers
  • Number of junior golfers
  • Number of golf courses (by type)
  • Courses under development
  • Rounds played annually
  • Golf associations and contact
  • National development programs
  • Government attitudes toward golf
  • Corporate supporters
  • Important internet links

When you click on the flags on the home page, you will eventually see this information for each country. Click on the Canadian flag as an example.

To contribute to our database of information, please send any relevant information via email to Peggy Norton at the World Golf Foundation: