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Launched in early 2000, GOLF 20/20 is a unique collaboration designed to galvanize the industry around strategic initiatives and grass-roots activation to ensure the future vitality of the game of golf. The fundamental principle behind GOLF 20/20 is that golf benefits society and that accelerating the growth of the game and expanding its accessibility will improve the quality of life for those who are introduced to its positive values.

GOLF 20/20 has established three primary goals:

  • To serve as a primary industry vehicle for incubating and exchanging ideas which facilitate growth and interest in the game of golf.
  • To facilitate collaboration that helps galvanize the industry around specific GOLF 20/20 initiatives.
  • To effectively and consistently communicate golf's economic, human and environmental contributions to society.

One of GOLF 20/20's major initiatives has been a comprehensive analysis of golf's significant contributions to the U.S. economy. GOLF 20/20, working in conjunction with research partner SRI International, has provided detailed snapshots of golf's role in underpinning a healthy economy at both the state and national levels. The most recent report, the 2011 Golf Economy Report, measured golf's direct economic contributions in the U.S. at $68.8 billion, and found that the industry has impacted 2 million jobs with total wage income of $55.6 billion.

Significant efforts are also underway to quantify golf's impact at the state level. GOLF 20/20 and SRI have collaborated on a template through which states can measure and demonstrate golf's contributions to a variety of key constituencies. In total, impact reports have been completed for 33 states, and it is planned to complete approximately four new state reports each year.

As part of its mission to grow participation in the game, GOLF 20/20 launched Get Golf Ready, a national, industry-wide adult player development program. The program is designed to create thousands of new golfers at hundreds of facilities across the country, each of which are offering a series of five introductory lessons to adult beginners.  Get Golf Ready is a fast, forward affordable way to learn to play golf.